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The following services are provided by Dr. Rebecca as a DNM.  Services are at the same location but performed through the Alternative Health Solutions arm of the Holistic Anti-Aging Spa.  Insurance is not accepted and CPT codes/diagnoses are not given.

Nutritional Blood Work    $400.00 plus $15.00 draw fee

This blood work is a very specific draw to evaluate metabolic and nutritional functions in the body.  The follow-up appointment is included with this service.  During the follow-up appointment the labs will be discussed and evaluated to best offer you the ability to use a holistic approach to wellness. Please make note that nutritional blood work is not CPT coded and is NOT covered by insurance. Labs are drawn at participating LabCorp draw centers only. Once the requisition is printed you have three months to complete the labs .The lab requisitions are non-refundable once they are generated.

​Consultations for Blood Labs is $75.00

MethylGeneticNutrition Genetic Testing $350.00

consultation for these Labs is $100.00

​For non-invasive cancer testing go to:

Call for information.

Patient Phone Consultations/or in Office Visits

This is phone time to discuss integrative/alternative protocols.

30 minutes    $ 50.00

60 minutes    $100.00

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