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Hair Mineral Analysis

Heavy Metal Analysis

Nutritional Blood Panel                            


Urine test for Toxic Organic Chemical

Exposure.  This also tests for TG, a

specific marker for mitochondrial


Call for testing and pricing.                         The Dutch Test, dried urine hormonal testing. 100% the best test to do for hormones.                          

Saliva/Stool Testing

All tests include follow-up visit

Non-invasive metabolic testing for bio-identical hormones for a more natural herbal choice, understanding dysbiosis in the digestive/colon areas, adrenal fatigue, bone health and other conditions. Call or email for information about these tests.

Dried Urine Hormone Testing

Cycling Female Hormones                   

Expanded Cycling Female                   

Peri-Menopause Female Hormones  

Expanded Peri-Menopause   

Post-Menopause Female Hormones  

Expanded Post-Menopause  

Male Hormones  

Expanded Male Hormones  

Adrenal Stress Index  

Bone Health  

Carbohydrate Challenge Test  

Yeast Panel  

Regular GI Health Panel  

Expanded GI Health  

Metabolism Module- 

     (Insulin, Fasting & Non-fasting)  

The following services are provided by Dr. Rebecca as a DNM.  Services are at the same location but performed through the Alternative Health Solutions arm of the Holistic Anti-Aging Spa.  Insurance is not accepted and CPT codes/diagnoses are not given.

In-OfficeNutritional Health Consultation (60 min.)         $75.00

This is an in-office appointment where health information will be discussed to better understand what is necessary to identify the root cause of disturbances in your health.  Protocols for testing will be discussed and the direction to your better health will be planned.  All lab work requisitioned by my office be reviewed with client at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Nutritional Blood Work    $400.00

This blood work is a very specific draw to evaluate metabolic and nutritional functions in the body.  The follow-up appointment is included with this service.  During the follow-up appointment the labs will be discussed and evaluated to best offer you the ability to use a holistic approach to wellness. Please make note that nutritional blood work is not CPT coded and is NOT covered by insurance. Labs are drawn at participating LabCorp draw centers only. Once the requisition is printed you have three months to complete the labs .The lab requisitions are non-refundable once they are generated.

Cyrex Laboratories (call for pricing)

Clinical Immunology Laboratory specializing in multi-tissue antibody testing for autoimmune conditions.  

Call for more information or go to

AO Scan Energetic Testing.      $75.00

Patient Phone Consultations/or in Office Visits

This is phone time to discuss integrative/alternative protocols.

20 minutes.    $30.00

45 minutes     $50.00

60 minutes     $75.00

​We will be adding the new Healy to our services. Please be sure to ask us about testing and treatment.

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