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Other quality direct sales companies:

Direct sales companies or MLM companies offer some quality items that may interest you.  I have personally used a few companies for some helpful items.  When searching for products that you may have heard about, I urge you to seek a second opinion before entering a contract with any direct sales company.

I am not normally a direct sales person but there are a few companies that offer some quality products.

When purchasing from an MLM company or E-Bay and Amazon, please remember that I/we cannot be responsible for those products.

Below are some direct sales companies that I do trust. 

For Lauricidian (Monolaurin) original formula.


For doTERRA essential oils please feel free to use this site:


Purchase products through our HealthWave virtual dispensary.

To shop using the Fullscript online pharmacy, use the virtual dispensary button above   


Setting up your Patient Direct Standard Process account Is as easy as clicking the button above and using code: 

(call for code 910-880-2020)


is now available through my Fullscript account or directly through the online store.


HCP code is drrebecca

Please be sure to call and ask about the new Healy. Testing and treatmes will be available soon.