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At the early age of 60, Rebecca began educating in the field of Esthetics and is now combining her love for health with the love of beauty and has expanded her scope of business with the Holistic Anti-Aging Spa.  

Rebecca loves living in the coastal area, swimming/fishing with her husband and grandchildren, soaking up the sun and playing golf with her husband Wayne.  Wayne is a retired detective sergeant with the investigative and civil divisions of the Effingham County Sheriff's Office and has spent some time as a Special Deputy with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Office. Wayne is retired and loves playing with his pet Corvette. They are blessed with eight grandchildren.  Rebecca is more than happy to work with you in any endeavor to enhance your health or anti-aging needs.

Dr. Rebecca attended Norfolk Christian Schools in Norfolk, Virginia and Charlotte Christian Schools in Charlotte, NC. She went on to further her education at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Rebecca is a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine with 25+ years of clinical experience and is Privilege Licensed with the state of North Carolina. Rebecca has extensive training in Bio-Energetics and works with energy medicine, homeopathy, nutritional supplements and blood nutrition. She has also completed training at BCC and is now licensed as an Esthetician in the state of North Carolina. 

Rebecca worked for three years receiving almost 5,000 clinical hours of clinical experience in the field of Integrative Medicine at Great Smokies Medical Center, in Asheville, NC before opening up her own practice, Alternative Health Solutions in the 

Asheville/Charlotte/Lake Norman areas, Rebecca made a move to the coast in February of 2012 to decide where the next chapter of her life would lead.

About Dr. Rebecca

At the Holistic Anti-Aging Spa/Alternative Health Solutions we focus on the importance of health, proper detoxification, healthy habits and healthy products and  supplements.  There are wonderful options to rejuvenate the body and repair skin to make your skin healthy, bright and beautiful without the use of harsh chemicals.

Dr. Rebecca

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Dr. Rebecca Christenbury Rhodes